Monday, April 27, 2009

Rawr HTID In the sun '09 please;;

Kay so, my first blog post ever :o and it's gonna be a sad one T_T. I was gonna wait till Tina was done making my layout, I suck at HTML and designing things, but we're still waiting for that guy (or girl) to reply back so we can use his/her art. I thought I'd write about this before then anyways.

I didn't argue with my mom when I woke this morning over something stupid which usually means: It's gonna be a good day. However, it's 10:41 A.M and I'm sad beyond belief ;-;. I'm sure the few of you that read this (Tina LOL) understand how obsessed I am with music, mostly Hardcore. Also, you'll know that I <3 swimming and the beach and hot weather and girls. Soooo I ran across THIS video:

It's basically a Six day vacation of beach activities during day and raving during the night. My favorite DJs will be making appearances, there's clearly going to be many hot girls AND look at the area! It's so beautiful. Ocean view, water slides weird..thing they tie on the boat and ride on hahaha. It all looks so amazing but I can't attend cause of school and my extreme lack of a job.